What we do

End to end coverage working for you

We offer an assortment of services and expertise to transition anything from a small home to a multiple mega-watt solar farm. Dive into our services below to learn more about them and how we can help you achieve your energy goals.


Utilizing government incentives, residential solar yields some of the most savings in the renewable energy space. $0.00 out of pocket!


Commercial sized systems make properties more cost effiective and increases their value exponentially.


Taking advantage of agricultural solar projects is revolutionizing one of the oldest businesses on earth. Increasing the bottom line for farmers.

Crypto Mining

Integrating renewable energy to the crypto space will be monumental to the efficency of block chain. Purple hat resources available.

Solar Farms

Solar farm investments are a turn key way for passive income in a world where energy is increasing at an exponential rate.

Battery Power

Utilizing batteries is a very effective way to store the power harnessed by the sun. We work with industry leading experts to accurate size batteries for your project.

But there's more!

Services above and beyond

We provide service beyond the sale and beyond what meets the eye. When you work with Horizon Energy Consultants you truly get the best people, best products and best service.

Main Panel Upgrade

If your home requires a main panel upgrade to achieve your energy needs, HEC will facilite your upgrade with the utility provider for you.

Roof Repair

It is extremely beneficial to combine solar with a roofing project, this allows you to have one monthly payment and take advantage of renewable government tax incentives on the entire project.


HEC provides industry leading warranties with a network of installers so your benefits will always be intact.

Flexpay Plans

Utilizing flexpay payment plans you'll enjoy your renewable energy project at a fraction of the cost for the beginning of your financing term.